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Salvatore Blanca

Salvatore Blanca, webmaster of Boris Italia

«Freedom is knowing its own chains.» (quote from Gli occhi del cuore (The eyes of the Heart))


Born in , I live in S.Agata Militello, a small town of Sicily. I am of the zodiacal sign of Libra, fan of One Piece, supporter of Juventus F.C. and TV series consumer. I don't consider myself a veritable addicted, however I have seen and I see both Italian and foreign TV series. Passionate about technology, Internet and web. I listen to a bit of everything: from pop to rock, from classical to dance, from Latin American to soundtracks. There is not a favourite artist or a genre: I listen to what I like. On TV, in addition to TV series, I watch the (old) cartoons and entertainment programs. I prefer cooking, motors, nature and curiosities shows to sports events, to the political forum and to reality/talent shows.

from Boris.... to Boris Italia

Fan of Boris since the first episode aired in , in I start to create the first pages about Boris in my old blog (, no longer active). Over the months the pages increase and in January Boris Italia is born. The website, initially hosted on Altervista (, no longer active), in the following months it's enriched with contents and it also arrives on social networks, at first on Facebook, then on Twitter and on YouTube. On Christmas Eve of , Boris Italia arrives on Aruba and the domain is registered. Between changes, updates and restyling, the site continues to be visited thus far, remaining a point of reference for the new and old fans of the series.

Not only a fansite

Boris Italia borns from the union of my passion for the web and Boris. In my personal vision, Boris Italia (in its entirety including the site and the social networks) it's not just a fansite containing informations and news about the series but also a meeting point for the fans. The decision to translate the website into English is dictated by the desire to make usable the website and consequently to make the series Boris known to those who don't speak Italian.

Boris 4 | The news about the developments of the fourth season of Boris

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