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- In Italy, the level of the acting is considered inferior, compared to your Spanish, French colleagues. How do you explain, this difference? | - Yes. I have made a small mistake of judgment, because I, in 3 years in agreement with my agent, had to become the new Ferilli and instead I missed the target, because I had to focus on France. Because you buy a nice little house in Paris, you learn a little French, good morning, good evening and you have solved! That then, don't write this however eh, the idea to aim for Sarkozy, but whose was it? It was mine, no? Only that that one has informed, because she informs, and she dashed on him! Said this, now I think of something else. I go ahed. I think... to Putin!

Be careful because I'll have you lying on the ground. Did you understand? I'll shoot your legs.

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