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Sampras, the pilot of Boris

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Sampras is the pilot episode's title of the italian tv series Boris. It has been presented at the first edition of International Rome Film Festival in within Extra section.

Sampras card


Sampras tells, satirically, the story of a TV crew busy shooting an awful long TV serial. From this fiction (drama), Gli occhi del cuore 2 (Eyes of the heart 2), we will never get to watch a scene; nor hear off dialogues or steal frames from the director's monitor, on top of which sits the fishbowl within which swims Sampras, his good-luck charm gold fish.



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I hope that be a lesson to all! It's a matter of principle.

- But have you really prescribed some drugs to this mother? | - Excuse me so much, Arianna, but, be patient, eh. The lady had the exact same symptoms of the Albanian in the episode 3 of The eyes of the heart 2, eh, do you remeber hi, that then in the episode 7 he was much better? So I played safe, I don't... that then If I'm not weong we have also done the audience peak in those episodes, or not?

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