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Il Giornale - 17/02/2021 - Su Disney+ arriva Star con classici e serie tutte nuove
17/02/2021 Boris 4 su Star: gli articoli della stampa
Le nuove serie Disney La presentazione della sezione Star sulla piattaforma Disney+ non è passata inosservata sulla stampa e c’è grande attesa per Boris 4. Molte testate giornalistiche hanno infatti scritto diversi articoli sull’evento virtuale organizzato ieri da Disney. Gli articoli, oltre a presentare le nuove produzioni italiane, hanno anche riacceso i fari sulla conferma […]

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I have the light of last year, of this year, of next year, in two years, all here, in my head!

And then you project, has an even more dramatic problem, Ferretti. Cunt is missing.

Arianna, you're an asshole! You really are an asshole, here!

But there's another thing that I want to tell you, which I believe that is the real great merit of this drama: it's that there are no Tuscans.

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The eyes of swords

We don't know whether to face the very thorny issue of the Punic wars, imagine if we can reopen the chapter, Machiavelli, so, out of the blue.
The eyes of Sanremo 2020

But I don't know, there is something wrong here. Because in my opinion, this is not Federer.
The eyes of the Parliament

How many beautiful people. And what wine.
The eyes of the Parliament

How many beautiful people. And what wine.

Boris 4 | The news about the developments of the fourth season of Boris

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