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Random meme | Meme taken from the episodes of Boris and from Boris The movie


It has come out badly from the cage. Then in the corner it has taken a push by Tolomeo and in the finish line it hasn't run away. Arianna, it hasn't run away!

Oh, here I want a carriage, as Notting Hill style, understood? As London style!

Drink Itala, drink. There's no problem, I'm glad if you drink, eh.

Hey dude, I will be the new Ferilli in 6 monts! Got it?

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The eyes of swords

There is the problem of the vase. Do you know the vase, the ugly one that is always in the middle?
The eyes of Sanremo 2020

The great popular narrative. It's the future.
The eyes of Sanremo 2020

But where is Paco? Where is Paco?
The eyes of Sanremo 2020

Once there were the roles for the actors, now Favino does them all.

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