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Martellone was interrogated this morning, he was immediately released by the investigators but he remains investigated for possession and drugs dealing.

But are you really sure you had an appointment? It's not that someone has done to you a joke?

I have recognized you right away, you know. How good you are! You're really a good person.

When we are ready, you call me. I sit there reading.

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Random meme

Boris The movie

- I think it needs. I think it's necessary. | - Ok, it's the same, come on. | - It's not the same. It needs or it's necessary?
Boris The movie

- Say to Sergio to make the bank transfer. When we get the TRN from the bank we star writing. | - Ok, but start immediately, no? Look that we have little time, eh. | - We expect the TRN: Transaction reference number.

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