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But there's another thing that I want to tell you, which I believe that is the real great merit of this drama: it's that there are no Tuscans.

- But René, this character of the bitch, I don't... | - But it's not a bitch. | - It's a bitch. | - No! | - It's a bitch. | - It's a policewoman. | - Bitch policewoman. | - No. It seems... ma it's not. | - Poliziotta until 8 pm, then finish and makes the bitch. | - Yes.

Look that the drama in Italy is managed from the left, you know, yes?

- But do you really like her? | - Yes! | - Let her go.

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Random meme


Go fuck yourself, all.

What the fuck! What are you doing, do you throw the money? Hurry up!

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