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Gallery: Boris 3

Scene photos

Alberto Di Stasio (Photo 01) Alberto Di Stasio (Photo 02) Alberto Di Stasio and Caterina Guzzanti Alessandro Tiberi (Photo 01)
Alessandro Tiberi (Photo 02) Alessandro Tiberi (Photo 03) Alessandro Tiberi, Alberto Di Stasio, Francesco Pannofino Angelica Leo (Photo 01)
Angelica Leo (Photo 02) Antonio Catania Antonio Catania and Francesco Pannofino Boris
Carlo De Ruggieri (Photo 01) Carlo De Ruggieri (Photo 02) Carolina Crescentini Cast of Boris (Photo 01)
Cast of Boris (Photo 02) Cast of Boris (Photo 03) Cast of Boris (Photo 04) Caterina Guzzanti (Photo 01)
Caterina Guzzanti (Photo 02) Caterina Guzzanti and Alessandro Tiberi Caterina Guzzanti and Francesco Pannofino Ciak Medical Dimension
Claudio Camilli, Filippo Timi, Paolo Calabresi, Gianluca Tocci Eugenia Costantini, Karin Proia, Pietro Sermonti Filippo Timi, Alberto Di Stasio, Francesco Pannofino, Carlo De Ruggieri Francesco Pannofino (Photo 01)
Francesco Pannofino (Photo 02) Francesco Pannofino (Photo 03) Francesco Pannofino (Photo 04) Francesco Pannofino and Antonio Catania
Francesco Pannofino, Roberta Fiorentini, Ninni Bruschetta Franecesco Pannofino, Alberto Di Stasio, Roberta Fiorentini Giorgio Tirabassi Karin Proia
Laura Morante Marco Giallini Massimiliano Bruno Ninni Bruschetta
Paolo Calabresi (Photo 01) Paolo Calabresi (Photo 02) Paolo Sorrentino and Angelica Leo Pietro Sermonti (Photo 01)
Pietro Sermonti (Photo 02) Pietro Sermonti and Alessandro Tiberi (Photo 01) Pietro Sermonti and Alessandro Tiberi (Photo 02) Roberta Fiorentini
Teresa Piergentili, Massimiliano Bruno, Pietro Sermonti Troppo Frizzante Valentina Lodovini and Pietro Sermonti Valentina Lodovini, Pietro Sermonti, Antonio Catania, Francesco Pannofino
Valerio Aprea, Massimo De Lorenzo, Andrea Sartoretti


DVD Boris season 3 (Photo 01) DVD Boris season 3 (Photo 02) DVD Boris season 3 (Photo 03) DVD Boris season 3 (Photo 04)
DVD Boris season 3 (Photo 05) DVD Boris season 3 (Photo 06) DVD Boris season 3 (Photo 07)

DVD menu

DVD menu Boris season 3 (Main menu Disc 1) DVD menu Boris season 3 (Main menu Disc 2) DVD menu Boris season 3 (Episodes Disc 1) DVD menu Boris season 3 (Episodes Disc 2)
DVD menu Boris season 3 (Credits)


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