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Troppo Frizzante is the pilote episode of the sitcom in which play the best 5 comedians of Italy with their catchphrases. One of the features of the new sitcom is the smart comicality, led by the direction of René Ferretti first and later by the robot director.

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No nothing, I'm not angry with you, Stanis, I'm angry with the screenwriters. This is a scene of shit!
Boris The movie

- Listen René. If a gentleman came, with a black small suitcase and told you that Corinna Negri is in your movie. | - I would shoot him. | - And if in that small suitcase there was even a week longer of shootings? | - I would shoot this gentleman anyway. | - And besides that week more of shootings in that black small suitcase there's even... Francesco Campo. | - Really? | - But truly? | - You have heard right, Francesco Campo is with us, he will play in the movie, I agreed with the agency.

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