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Medical Dimension is a television project that was born as spin-off of Gli occhi del cuore. Doctor Giorgio Corelli leaves Villa Orchidea and arrives in national healthcare. The drama aims to tell the reality of Italy, its desperation, the discomfort and the excess, the problem of the cocaine, the violence, the poor health care, the inefficiency, the dirt and the degradation of the public hospitals.

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Boris The movie

- Do you remember that check of The eyes of the heart 3? | - Ah, ah, sure, here the check, right. I was saying right now to Corinna that I have a bit of liquidity problems... | - Corinna? Corinna Negri? [The damned bitch! Say hallo to her for me, a lot.] | - Eh... but what do you say? What bitch. It doesn't seem to me that someone called her so. | - No no, sure, I remember it very well. René called her the damned bitch and Biascica the slut.

Woee, zaoee. It means the ring of the Count. Understood? The ring of the count!

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