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Gli occhi del cuore: Plot

In the first episode of Gli occhi del cuore 2 we found Doctor Giulia who had just awakened in the clinic Villa Orchidea. The young doctor had discovered her illness and she knew that only a few months of life remained. Full of doubts and uncertainties she talks with the Doctor Giorgio and the latter she reveals the desire to start all over from the beginning and to go to a new place where no one knew her. The story of Gli occhi del cuore 2 is centered around a clinic where there are 3 families. Giulia had inherited the clinic from the Count who with a deception had stolen her the 50% of the stock package. The doctor had also inherited a ring from the Count but having inherited that ring meant for her that she was no longer free , since she could not give in to the blackmail of Doctor Randelli. Grandfather Alberto commits to solve the situation who says he would personally went to talk to Doctor Randelli. Giulia wanted to go and talk to the Count but she is stopped by Giorgio who tells her that grandfather Alberto would have found another solution. Grandfather Alberto discovers that the ring was in the pocket of his jacket and says that he would not allow the Count would make again unhappy his niece, that is Doctor Giulia.

Giorgio and Marina (mother of Giorgio) in the meantime had lost all their money. Giorgio advises the mother to go and talk to the Count who would not have denied her the money but Marina didn't want to see him again. Subsequently Giorgio goes to the notary to sign an agreement. Giorgio discovers that the twin brother, Eric, had pretended to be him to try to recover the stock package. Giorgio confronts his brother, unmasks him and the latter confides to him that the Count had raped both his sister and his mother. This truth, held for a long time inside, had been the reason why Eric had become bad. A party is made in Villa Orchidea for the reconquest of the stock package. During the party we learn that Grandfather Alberto committed suicide in jail for remorse. Giorgio discovers to have saved the life not to Doctor Ferrari but to Isaia Panduri, the wicked dictator of the Burmini. During the festivities Giorgio and Giulia solve the mystery of the ring and understand that it was been the Count to give up the stock package. At the party there are also laic separatists of the Burmini who, with accomplices glances, they are preparing to blow up the clinic to kill Isaia Panduri and to free the small Asian state of the Burmini. Suddenly Giorgio receives a phone call, comes out and saves himself from the explosion of the clinic. Giulia instead, before the terrorists blow themselves up, takes a child and saves him. The 3 terrorists blew themselves up and the clinic goes on fire.

Doctor Giulia has a conspicuous worsening of the disease and despite this she decides to go to Africa where she meets hers cousin Sofia who is a missionary. Doctor Giorgio, worried about the health of Giulia, decides to follow her. Giulia asks Sofia to replace her in the clinic Villa Orchidea. After a long dialogue, Giulia manages to convince the village chief to let hers cousin to leave. Suddenly Giulia hears the call of the Ngube river, goes out from the hut and disappears. Shortly after Giorgio also arrives. Doctor tells Sofia that he has a bad feeling about the Count and he's afraid he's in danger. Despite the hate towards the Count, Giorgio can not allow something to happen to him. While in Africa Doctor Giorgio persuades Sofia to follow him, in the clinic the Count walks nervously in the dark in his study and suddenly someone, from behind a curtain, shoots him. The Count falls to the ground wounded. Despite the serious conditions, the Count miraculously manages to survive. After waking up from the operation, he doesn't remember anything anymore.

After the departure from Africa and the return to the clinic, Giorgio misses the Doctor Giulia. Doctor Giorgio, in his studio, is surprised by Sofia while holding in his hands a picture of the Doctor Giulia. The young doctor is jealous of her cousin because she had fallen in love with Giorgio. After the attempted murder of the Count, the Police begins to investigate. The investigations are entrusted to the Police Commissioner Sandra Gusberti. Gusberti begins hers investigation in the clinic, but here, disguised as a nurse, is soon smashered by Doctor Giorgio.

Due to a sudden stroke the notary is admitted to the clinic. During the operation the notary confides to Doctor Giorgio 2 things: the first is that the Count's ring is kept in a safe deposit in Geneva, the second is that the mysterious person who holds half of the clinic's stock package is an African woman who is called Zazù. The notary enters a coma and doesn't die. After completing the investigations, the Police Commissioner Sandra Gusberti arrests Doctor Giorgio because suspected of having attempted the murder of Count. Doctor Giorgio is taken to jail. The Commissioner also tries to get answers from the Count but the trauma he suffered as a result of his attempted murder made his memory lose to him.

After the arrest of Doctor Giorgio, the Magistrate Anna Pardieri expresses hers doubts to the Commissioner Gusberti on the guilt of the doctor and fears that they have been too hasty in the decision and to have acted instinctively. Sandra Gusberti confides to the Magistrate that she has fallen in love with Doctor Giorgio. Doctor Giorgio escapes from prison and decides to return to Villa Orchidea to look for documents that prove his innocence. Inside his studio he's discovered by Sofia. The young doctor tells him that there are some problems in the operating room and Giorgio decides to take the place of the surgeon who was operating the lawyer Rossi deciding to pretend to be the Doctor Zingler, a German surgeon, his friend, so he can save life to the patient. After the escape, the commissioner Sandra Gusberti manages to find the Doctor Giorgio and wants to arrest him. Giorgio, put his back to the wall, decides not to be cuffed. Doctor looks straight into the eyes Gusberti and the two kiss each other. In the meantime Sofia arrives, who attends the scene and cries out of jealousy.

Giorgio manages to recover the ring of the Count and this has proved his innocence. Being innocent, Doctor Giorgio decides to go and talk to the Count who is incredulous at the words of the Doctor Giorgio that tells him the truth. The Count had indeed taken possession of the clinic's stock package (Villa Orchidea) that did not belong to him and he could not explain why. Sofia, in love with Giorgio, decides to clarify in a comparison with Sandra Gusberti. In a face to face Sofia tells the commissioner that she is pregnant with Giorgio and she has learned from the Magistrate Pardieri that she was a married woman. Giorgio, escaped the arrest of commissioner Gusberti, is blocked by policemen after a chase. The doctor is taken to prison and here has a dialogue with Luca, the sodomized from Bergamo, who had received violence in prison.

Magistrate Pardieri, since she had no proofs of the guilt of Doctor Giorgio, decides to question Luca. The magistrate wants to get confessed by Luca, through a nervous abuse of power, that Giorgio is guilty of having attempted the murder of the Count. Meanwhile Commissioner Gusberti tells Doctor Giorgio and Doctor Sofia to have discovered the culprit of the attempted murder of the Count. Giorgio, pretending to be Eric, invites in his study Magistrate Pardieri. The magistrate confesses in a satisfied way that she has got away with it and that she had diverted from herself the suspicions for the murder of the Count. After the admission of guilt, Giorgio reveals he's not Eric and tells her to have unmasked her. The magistrate, with hers back to the wall, extracts from the bag hers gun and she's about to shoot Giorgio but intervenes Commissioner Sandra Gusberti to shield the doctor. Both shoot and both fall to the ground wounded. At the same time arrives, at the studio of Doctor Giorgio, also Sofia who remains shaken by the situation. Sofia decides to grow hers baby away from that place and decides to return to Africa.

In the first episode of Gli occhi del cuore 3 we find Sofia in Africa, that, after escaping from Villa Orchidea, a year later having left the clinic, suddenly during the middle of the night has a terrible vision on the fate of Doctor Giorgio Corelli. In the vision Doctor Giulia, hers cousin, disappeared in the waters of the river Ngube, asks Doctor Sofia to come back to Villa Orchidea and asks to take with her the little Jonathan, so that he could know his father, Doctor Giorgio Corelli. Doctor Corelli had left the private clinic to enter the public health but because of the pain felt for the son never known had started taking painkillers thus endangering his life. Sofia finally returns to Villa Orchidea with the little Jonathan and reveals to the doctor a surprising truth: Giorgio and Giulia in reality were brothers.

Giorgio confides to the young Doctor to love yet Sandra Gusberti, the Police Commissioner, but Sofia replies to him that Gusberti was dead. During the discussion Sandra Gusberti makes hers entrance which reveals that she was admitted to a special center in Sydney. Giorgio is very happy to see again his beloved Sandra Gusberti but Doctor Corelli reveals to her a terrible news: Doctor Randelli together with Mister Helmutt had transformed Villa Orchidea in a clinic of horrors. Given the situation, Sofia decides to entrust the little Jonathan to Giorgio and Sandra. Despite the blindness that hit him, Doctor Corelli doesn't lose heart. Dottor Giorgio fears he can no longer operate but both Sofia and Sandra Gusberti try to comfort him. The Police Commissioner asks to Giorgio how he could have continued to operate and he answers by saying that he would have operated with the eyes of the heart. Despite the initial distrust of the patients, Doctor Giorgio would have convinced them to trust him and to be operated even if he is blind.

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