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The eyes of the Parliament

The quotes of Boris on some protagonists of the Italian Parliament.

The eyes of the Parliament - Cover Two to zero in your home, Grosso-Del Piero. Poo popopo popopo. Poo popopo popopo. I can eat without showing what I eat and I can drink without showing what I drink, okay? Then, open that doooor!
How many beautiful people. And what wine. But what contracts? Passion is needed, passion. And finally, the most important thing. This is the letter of your resignation. You sign it, undated. Here, so then when you no longer need us, we write the date, goodbye and thank you. Do you really have the rights of La Casta, Sergio?
Here they don't want to tell us for security reasons, they divert us with Pirlo and Gattuso, but do you know who is coming? The captain! Got it? Am I doing well? Did I make mistakes in Italian? Wait a moment. Genius. Genius. Yes, I'm Italian.
Jujitsu says a very simple thing. If they attack you, you take a step back. - He proposes to eat a snack, but what do you say? - It doesn't convince me! SHUT UP! YOU HAVE TO SHUT UP! Yes, now I tell you a thing. Don't forget it, eh, it's an important thing. You must never touch me. Never. Never.
But have they changed lines? Let me see. The notary, if I'm not mistaken, only made the agreement signed. Listen, but doesn't start a young Padre Pio so we get rid of him too, huh? Today you have to stay close to the actors. You have to bring them coffee, pizza, water, everything they need. And so please, let's pray. Let's pray with joy, come on, yes.
The President of the Chamber, I'll play it for you. Today because you are here, I play American-style, for you. Never ever demean the role of the Parliament. Every citizen has some rights but also some duties. Frankly. No, no, just the scripts are written like this. That is, first the caption with the actions and then the dialogues. It has been like this for a while.
I need to hear, the scene. Hear the scene, from Greek hear the scene! No no, that is, it's not just a contract. It's kind of insurance, understood? Let's say for us. I was thinking about how to do the scene, whether to open everything, close everything. Did you hurt yourself, when you fell from the sky? Hi star, today I do it for you.
In the Old and New Testament you will never find these words: We will let you know. Why can't you find them? Because they aren't his words. There is the problem of the vase. Do you know the vase, the ugly one that's always in the middle? Someone stole it. Those are the minutes of the Villa Orchidea boards of directors. It's all written in there, black on white, dear Count. Aiatati maueee. I've checked in the vocabulary and it means... parcel of shares!
- Do you remember that I always asked the network for money? Eh, they've satisfied me. They've allocated to me a lot of money. Unfortunately we're at the end of the month and I have spent half of it. And what a bad impression I'll make if I don't spend them all? - Indeed. - Well, indeed, then I have to spend them all, otherwise the next time I ask for money they spit in my face, understood? The anger, make it rise slowly. It's not that you freak out as soon as you enter.

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