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The eyes of swords

The quotes of Boris on some scenes from the eighth and final season of Game of Thrones.

The eyes of swords - Cover Open all! But you, how are you? I see you are expecting a baby. And open all the light, don't make the dark!
Hey baby! How are you? When are you going to wash this hair, huh? Free the creature, I need to look it in the eyes. Open all the light. The fire, the experience of the fire, oh well, I recommend it to you.
Boom! The clinic has exploded. Let's get them fucked. Thus, suddenly. Nonsense. Don't you mind if I have a drink? And so it has been, dear Walter. Giorgio has recovered and now Jonathan grows up in a place whose name, for obscure reasons, I cannot reveal to you. Yours, Gustavo.
No, that is, I would keep the internal lights, no, diegetic, political. Political poetic cinema. Detur mei nihil. Malum est, tetrum profluvium, litor fruor, fungor potior, ego sum pro habeo! Can you give me a drink so we don't think about it anymore? Yes, now I tell you something. Don't forget it, huh, it's an important thing. You must never touch me. Never. Never.
Everywhere far from here get drunk with wine, music and poetry. I want conflict, action, accidents, dead people! And instead you are forced to watch two kissing. Open that dooor! How many beautiful people! And what wine.
The anger, make it rise slowly. It's not that you immediately go in and freak out. We don't know whether to face the very thorny issue of the Punic wars, imagine if we can reopen the chapter, Machiavelli, so, out of the blue. In my opinion, before dying, she should save a person, a child! Listen, I wanted to tell you that I'm sorry about the mess last time.
Make yourself comfortable. We were sent by Network. There is something you don't know, Guglielmo. We are brothers. Yes, smash, smash, son pour out, smash everything, don't worry. Ask "Tarzanetto" for clarifications.
There is the problem of the vase. Do you know the vase, the ugly one that is always in the middle? It's written here. He upsets a lot, he has some visions. The caption speaks clearly. I want more flames. Many more famme! I want the delirium!

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