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The eyes of Sanremo 2020

An album to tell the 70th edition of Festival of Sanremo with lightness and irony using The eyes of the heart!

The eyes of Sanremo 2020 - Cover Oh, at least let's try to not show the brand, I recommend, it would be very serious! It takes more family. It takes more... hugs, more looks, people who want good, all together, the whole family. What football team do you support?
Well, it makes you cry, it makes you laugh, it does everything. It's a scene with strong emotions, understood? Let's make these Italians dream, no. Let's show some boobs. To prove that it has gone well, she will make a sign of jubilation. My name, is Padre Frediani.
So, have we shot the scene of the village head who dances and feels bad omens, right? Once there were the roles for the actors, now Favino does them all. If there's no yellow, ochre. All naked! As Lars Von Trier style!
But do you know this girl which family she comes from? Eh? During dinner the father asks her: Sweetheart, do you want Pirelli? And she replies to him: No dad, I don't want, what a pain. She says what a pain, have you understood? First rating actor. - This is the daughter of Mazinger and this is a country where the names count. - Who is Mazinger? - Mazinger... is an hero... positive. An hero. There is a recent survey that clearly shows that those who earn more than 70,000 euros a year are in a fixation with the boobs, clear?
The story obsessively revolves around this clinic where there are 3 families: one of rich good, one of rich bad, and one of poor a little good and a little bad. But who is this busty woman? I remind you that according the contract you cannot play tennis or even ride a motorbike. Frizzi will play the Blessed Frediani. And if Frizzi will not play it, Amadeus is already ready to play it.
But I don't know, there is something wrong here. Because in my opinion, this is not Federer. In short René, we have the greatest footballer! Hold on tight, huh. So, close the scene on him astonished. ... from the pupil to the poet...
The great popular narrative. It's the future. All this is very Italian, eh. Come on, we can't show the boobs more than that. If there is a champion, among all the champions, but I say it sincerely, huh, that's you.
There I wrapped her with a very little Italian kiss. Listen, I've read the scripts of Machiavelli. They're not bad, you know, they're very well written. Look, if you need I throw myself, huh. Stop. No, sorry but, no, we shoot the scene of the fall later.
But where is Paco? Where is Paco? Dickhead, of shit, fuck you! I'm leaving, bye! Beatiful or hot? Cunts! The mediocre copies. The genius steals!
Good evening. I'm Alfonso Chiavi in mano.

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