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Boris The movie is a movie produced by Wildside, Rai Cinema and Sky Cinema and distributed by 01 Distribution. Based on the homonymous series produced by Fox Channels Italy aired on Fox channels from to it was released in cinemas on .

Synopsis: In "Boris The movie" the director René Ferretti abandons the ugly TV dramas that he has done for years and attempts the big jump: an author's film, for the cinema. In short, the artistic freedom after a career enslaved to the television conservatism. But the world of the cinema with its snobberies can be even worse than the one of the TV. Especially for a troupe, the one of Ferretti, to say the least extraneous to the Art with the capital "a".
Among snobbish filmmakers, neurotic actresses, fashionist scriptwriters, heroin addicts, sharks and various improvisers, "Boris The movie" reveals a world, the one of the Italian cinema, that aspires to a new youth and instead lives only a perennial immaturity. With the same cast of the series and the same authors: Giacomo Ciarrapico, Mattia Torre, Luca Vendruscolo who also sign the direction. (synopsis taken from the pressbook of the movie).

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René, I have still to prepare everything for this Feast of Thanks. A mountain of quails at the center of the table laden. But on the script there's written: "It feels the typical warmth of the Feast of Thanks." That is, I this warmth, I would also like to return it to you. But a question. What the fuck is this Feast of Thanks?

And then when you improvise you revel in something, my goodness.

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