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Boris - Season 3: Meme

S03E01 - Another television is possible (first part)

This story of Italian national airline... it stinks to me. Alitaaaalia. Eh, action. Good. Good first take. - The theme of the competition is Against all the mafias. | - Uh. | - It can be everything and nothing. Against all the mafias. René, you can not give up so all of a sudden, otherwise you end up in the black book, then really nobody makes you work anymore.
Greaaat! - Master. Would you like some cocaine? | - But are you serious? | - Sure. | - And why not! Once in a while, no. We don't know whether to deal with the very thorny problem of the Punic Wars, let's imagine if we can reopen the chapter, Machiavelli, so, out of the blue. If I can say, these authors have fucked with us. And because of this, look, we have just bought now in the USA a program in which inserting characters and a draft of plot it writes directly the script, then you communicates it if you want a drama or a comedy... and it goes!
So gentlemen, we will have the honor of working with René Ferretti, a man who made 7 million of spectators and who for consistency has said, no! A dreamer, a visionary, let's say it, the Roberto Saviano of the Italian drama! - But what Too Sparkling is? | - The competitor. I was convinced that I had to be a slave for a lifetime. Instead at the end the bus passes for everyone. Italy is truly the country where everything is possible. Listen Ferretti, the colleague councilor wants to say that by reasoning we have reached the conclusion that Machiavelli is too hot, too current.
And then you project, has an even more dramatic problem, Ferretti. Cunt is missing. - What is the name of the Japanese who reads the clinical analyzes. | - I don't know it! | - Nokowhaha. Every fish a drama, every drama a challenge. You didn't even laugh at the word game parrot-parrot!
Of course there'is no need to explain to you, dear Ferretti, how the Florentine Republic is still an open wound, in the conscience of Italy. - Hi René. Come. | - Get comfortable. We're from the Neetwork. - I already imagine the surprise. | - Why? | - It will be the usual gift in the hotel. The basket with the honey, the saffron and the panettone of poor quality. Machiavelli's spirit, you, how would you close this scene?
- And the sneeze in face? Do you know it's a tribute? | - Come on, to who? | - To Bertolucci! You for example, sorry if I tell you, eh, it seems to me that you have looked at the camera. Too Sparkling, speaks about death. Here no later than 2 episodes we learn that they are all in the afterlife.

S03E02 - Another television is possible (second part)

What the fuck. 2 hours late! Alitaaaalia! - But how much would be the pay. | - 3 Euros per hour. No, I say. You do 8 hours a day you earn 24 euros, 50,000 Lire, it's not a small thing. Open that dooor! - And come on, but what family problem, René! I only tell you one thing: "Hellooo!". | - No, why you tell me so, I don't understand, sorry. | - Come on, see you at 4 p.m. Bigmouth!
In all these years I have learned one thing: you must, be able, to stop! I'm not ready, for Too Sparkling! I apologize to you! And I it's Machiavelli that I want to do, no this sitcom of shit with comedians of shit. Alfonso chiavi in mano... has been taken in the variety company Bagaglino! He has been taken in the variety company Bagaglino! - I have voted for him. | - Who? | - Berlusconi.
- No! I have always voted for him. | - Ah, that is from the beginning? From 94? | - No. In 94 no because I wasn't adult and I couldn't vote. Bud I have done active electoral campaign and I think that he's the best that we have, in Italy. But how do I do to forgive me, come on! I'm not realizing that I'm working for the Roberto Saviano of Italian television! - But it's a shit! | - Yes, it's a shit. I take a note. So I remember you. Wait for me a moment, eh.
You are a great, René, I have already told you. Maybe we didn't understand each other. We don't give up to you anymore! But are you really sure you had an appointment? It's not that someone has done to you a joke? I don't have a catchphrase because I'm Neapolitan and therefore I don't need it. It's already funny that I'm a Neapolitan and that I'm hungry. No, listen, I prefer Mario with the voice of D'Alema, that is sharper, have you understood?
Now I let you come here and I entrust you the direction of Apocalypse Now.

S03E03 - The quality is not enough

It's that we have to tell the Italian healthcare for what it's, René. The music has changed, uhm, the boon is over, cuttlefish. The little turtledove has become a hawk. And they're your business, cuttlefish. But the era when all the scenes were all good is over. How many times Itala have you marked that a scene was good and instead it was a lie? Italy's finished. You want to undestand it, Holy God, it's finisched, we have the hours counted! We have to do something!
I, I don't give a fuck if your uncle is a senator. As long as they don't give me another proper slave, I get angry with you. The law of the set has failed but not the one of the jungle. Do you know that I have done a bad dream tonight? I have dreamed that you were coming, you made a great speech to me and then at the end I discovered that you only wanted to kick me out. If I'm wrong this fiction, I swear, that I change job. I am not made of money, René. Because the quality, for heaven's sake, you know it: I cost out him.
Duccio, if you don't change and return the one of twenty years ago, I kick you out, Duccio. No, I wanted to tell you, that the quality is not enough! Is it the first day? We're already in the shit. And basically let's say it to ourselves, but the left, where does it go? That is, the paradox is that if Berlusconi was not there but the left of what it would talk about? This one, I need him, every day!
But you have chosen me, René. I mean, you were so sure, that is, not even an audition you made me do. Oh, what is it? Look at this one. But what have they given to him? A chariot. It may seem a joke, but doing nothing sometimes is tiring, huh. I can not miss the protagonist in the most important project of my life!
- That is, let me understand. Can I not even beat you anymore? | - If you do it, I report you. Listen, take this asshole and take him away! And I don't want to see him anymore, clear? This a very right attitude, eh. But precisely this determination is lacking to us of left SCRAPPPP!
I was thinking, René, I was thinking about how to to the scene, if I have to open all the light or to close all the light. - Because I've always considered you among the few smart people on this set. | - And a smart person can not think differently from you.

S03E04 - The clip

At 6 p.m. everyone free because there is the passage of amberjacks. So for this clip I give you an hour of time from this moment. - What is the password here? | - Great. "What is the handheld password?" Break. I'm not forcing you Lorenzo. I just want you to know that there are other things besides work, one of these is the drug. Yes, no, but... it's not really a crisis, understood, it's a small crisis.
- Are you still doing volunteering? | - Volunteering... | - Come on... you told me that you helped that disabled girl, with some mental problems. | - Of course! Corinna! Sure, no, they have entrusted her to another association. Even more so let me go thinking that I've got this too tough nut to crack. President Cane is chief of chiefs of Italian television, you understand, a little the Totò Riina of the drama, let's say, in a good way, you should know him. - Do you know who may have been to make it disappear? | - Eh, who? | - The Romanians.
The revolution has begun, René. We are about to change Italian television. In this way, as in jujitsu, she could use my unexpressed strength. I can not believe it, look who's there! But what a vision, where we are in Medjugorje! Little mollusk please don't mess with me.
I already told you Alessandro. You don't have to break my balls. And don't tell me that with this story of the quality here things aren't done anymore to fucking dog! I have understood, Biascica, sega way... away. Away. Away. I have understood. Jujitsu says a thing very simple. If they attack you, you take a step back. If they attack you again, you take another step back. But if there is a wall behind you, you have to react.
- Do you know who would be perfect for this role? | - Who? | - Uma Thurman.

S03E05 - The importance of pleasing the notaries

TA. Tanned and affluent. NF. Needy, fools. - Eh, but his uncle has been elected Senator. | - Eh, the politics creates a lot of injustices. In the savannah, every morning, there are the gazelle, the lion and the slave. The gazelle wakes up and knows that it must run to avoid being caught by the lion. The lion wakes up and knows that it will have to run to catch the gazelle, otherwise it starves. And... the slave? There is a recent survey that clearly shows that those who earn more than 70,000 euros a year have an addiction to tits, clear?
From time immemorial it is written in all the books on cinema that is the director to decide what should be done. But you don't recognize the tone of this girl. The character, the courage. put her a little mustache! The goatee! You haven't yet understood that she is René's daughter! Let me a mobile recharge of 50 Euros. Now that you go to Duccio, you must tell him that they are weighed. The lens are weighed, that he doesn't break balls, eh.
Here we're trying to aim a sophisticated audience and you make something like a porn movie, eh. You have worked too much on amber, you have worked. I need the slave. You can not work, how you can work without having even one slave. I make the cinema. I make television only for you. Renato, I don't like the riches! I don't like the riches anymore, okay?
My underwear, eh, it's all realized by De Dominicis. The one who makes boxers tailored for Montezemolo. Look that this attitude is not good, Alessandro. Because that is an actor and the actor is the king of the set. - Master, let's move to the next scene? Because I thought to make it all on amber tones. | - On amber. He wants to make it on amber. Prepare it, show it to us and then we tell you what we think of it. Go to make it on amber, come on.. - That then is the method... Strasberg, right? | - No, this is the method of my business..
To say, to play Girardengo, I do the cool of 150 kilometers a day by bike, you have understood, not one. They're... precious American... lens. - Oh, it seems to me that he's smart, what do you say? | - Ah... even too much. What do you want me to say? We test him for a week, let's see how he works. I can not unbalance myswelf more, eh. However, what has happened between us in no way allows you to bypass the hierarchies, let this be clear.
That one was perfect! Look at him there, ah, he has all the right characteristics to be the slave. When I beated him, he was mute, silent, resigned and then he was from southern Italy, very slim, with this glasses. Nothing, he was perfect. - It's a discrit rule, I have informed myself, there is this damned circular that says that on sets the, the thing... the recycle... is prohibited! | - It's absurd! Because or we make things together or the collaboration skips, ok? Stanis La Rochelle doesn't like TA anymore.
But one thing must be very clear, that I have no intention to make the same mistakes of Telefunken. ♫ I gave you an appointment and you didn't come, what the fuck! ♫ You're an awkward actor, you know, Stanis. You are the Roberto Saviano of Italian acting. It seems to me a great shit! A VERY GREAT SHIT!
But what matters good or not good, she's your daughter, genius! And it works! Long live Italy!

S03E06 - Coprolalia

One time there were the roles for the actors, now Favino makes them all. Medical Dimension, is the anti Eyes of the heart. ♫ King rap, the king beat. ♫ | - Go Nando! | ♫ King rap, the king beat. ♫ | ♫ Fucking lucky, lucky fucking | UHH UHH! ♫ | ♫ Fucking lucky, lucky fucking | UHH UHH! ♫ | ♫ Fucking lucky, lucky fucking | UHH UHH! ♫ | ♫ Fucking lucky, lucky fucking | UHH UHH! ♫ I just say one thing to you, René. Like Lino Banfi.
Medical Dimension, must be politically incorrect. Stop with these nice doctors. The language must be rough, grouchy, modern. - That asshole of Lorenzo, in my absence, has done a beautiful photography. | - That's a dickhead, I've always told you. | - Then I would give it to him a chance, but it doesn't seem right to me to give it to him for free. This incredible coincidence between the fact that while that one continues to tell me "Open all, open all"; I'm on the phone with that idiot to tell him "Close all, close all!" Let's do this way. I give you this incredible opportunity and you every Friday bring me a fish from a market that I now tell you.
That's life. It's made of blows that one must then assimilate with other blows, however this is another matter. There's the scene, the one in which I wake up from the coma, it's shivered. I want to make that scene wicked. Boh, I think you're all a bit unprepared, eh, I'm sorry I'm saying this to you, but I have a certain age, eh. You must never be afraid of news, Alessandro. Has a phase been closed? And it means that another one will open, right?
Look, this cold that doesn't go away, damn the fuck. But before to make ultrasound to me, he tells to me: "Master, you bend", oh René... he tells to me: "You bend and open all". Do you realize the coincidence? To me, open all, open all things! - Oh, Alessandro Ferretti. Arianna showed me The pink ant. | - No no no, no. I'm Alessandro. The slave.

S03E07 - As Durok

Nothing, nothing happened, just that sometimes in life it's important to make the decisions, understood, without the people piss you off with a thousand questions and a thousand insistences, eh. - Excuse the cynicism, René, but if she leaves and there comes one that doesn't drink, that maybe remembers the things, isn't it better for everyone? | - No, I prefer no. It's a symbolic question, understood? We have started together and we have to die together. Come on! In Morocco? No, no, I don't come to Morocco. No, I don't work out of the Raccordo, eh. Come one, find something for me. In Rome however, in the center! Come on that today is a short but infernal day. Short but infernal!
Giorgio, the enzymes are very high, it's a heart attack. Come with us, quickly. Remember that in Italy the rule of 3R is valid. The right phone call, at the right moment, to the right person. - But no no, I want to do it even to undestand if I'm capable. | - But you are capable. Can you make a phone call? And then you are capable. - You find me regular on Facebook. | - Don't get tagged however, grandfather.
Call her, don't make scruples! So you earn some money, you find an accomodation and you get out of the way from of my house! Listen, I usually estabilish the fee according to the difficulty of the job. Do you see how am I focused? The vitamin B12 that I take in the morning. A sorcerer thing. I see you... I see you... I see you green! Green.

S03E08 - Happy feast of Thanks

- It doesn't bite. No. It doesn't bite. | - But guys I think we should take a nice vacation. Relax a bit. If you're an electrician you remain electrician, you can't be a driver. It can happen once. It happened to Mauretto that has started as machinist and has become head electrician, what the fuck, but that's a bad story, typical of UIL. René, I have still to prepare everything for this Feast of Thanks. A mountain of quails at the center of the table laden. But on the script there's written: "It feels the typical warmth of the Feast of Thanks." That is, I this warmth, I would also like to return it to you. But a question. What the fuck is this Feast of Thanks? The anger, increase it slowly. It's not that you enter and immediately freak out.
- And what do you think about this Medical Dimension? | - The episodes are one better than the other. | - Oh yes? | - Yes. | - Are they all beatiful? | - No, I meant to say that they're 2. One is a little better than the other. - How have you said that this fiction is called? | - The honor and the audacity. But what a beatiful quails. What Fest of the Republic would be without quails. - Stanis, what's wrong with you? Are you sick? | - I took 2 amphetamine pills, René.
- What day is today? | - I think 20. | - No, you think or is it 20? | - My goodness! 20. | - Shit! Today they shoot the scene 25. | - The scene of the Feast of Thanks. | - Eh. Turn off your phones! - Well, the scene 12 is, René, a tribute to a scene of an American series. | - In what sense a tribute? | - A tribute. It's an analog scene of a scene of an American tv series, understood? | - No, that is, sorry, are you telling me that the Feast of Thanks would be Thanksgiving day? | - Yes, right. Yes. Only that they have the turkey there and we have put the quails. - And so, I have decided to finish the series, but look I do it only for him because if it was for you I was already somewhere else, have you understood? | But yes, of course, surely. Instead I know, Itala, that you have asked all the productions of Rome. And you have understook that nobody wants you. Because everyone knows that you're drunk and you're also a thief! Yes... when you will end up to hold a grudge against me, can you tell me the day? Arianna I understand that it's difficult to work with and ex, but get out of this thing, overcome it. It hurts you, you get sick then.
This is the drama, of the liberties! - That is are you the slave? | - (Yes.) | - But you're too opportunist to be the slave. - But you, you have already done some other drama. | - Certainly madam, I have been doing this job for twenty years. - I must tell you something bad. | - And tell it to me. | - I have done the evil eye to you. | - In what sense the evil eye? | - Eh, it happened to me. They asked me little money for it, I scratched an itch.

S03E09 - Smell of masterpiece

What the fuck however, Rene, what the fuck. - I mean, I understand that it's complicated, that it's unlikely but there must be a way to propose an idea. | - Exact, this is precisely the point. There isn't. There is no more. - We have to write 3 episodes in 2 days. | - It's scary. We have to start right away. Ferretti, don't commit too much on this series. Forget that is different, that is better. It's like the others. Like the other dramas. It's true poop..
I need to feel, the scene, do you agree Renato? Feel the scene, from the Greek feel the scene! It's the mediocre that copies. The genius steals! Don't worry, I do other fifty push-ups and I come to you. Look that the drama in Italy is managed from the left, you know, yes?
Free everyone, right? Duccio! Look that there's not just me in the shit, we're all there, asshole! That is does it exist something called Democratic Script? - When is it that we can start to speak, legitimately, about...  sex-dependency? | - Ah. But you or she? | - I! I! I. I can not think of anything else. I need to do it even 6-7 times a day! Is not that you have something to to make me self-control, for example, a pill, some drops? She no longer has the strength.
Woee, zaoee. It means the ring of the Count. Understood? The ring of the count!

S03E10 - The epiphany

Because people are rude. Do you know why, eh? Because there is a lot of social resentment today, there is a lot of envy. A bad thing. Listen, sorry, there is by chance a cracker? René but that one, that one doesn't listen to reason, you don't convince that one. She's a stubborn person. She's a kind of Calabrian person. You return from the lady and convince her to sign the consent form, because asking to sign the consent forms is the ABC of your work and if you can not do it you return to the CTO of Lampedusa from where you arrived and stay there.
- Oh shit, but are you an idiot? Have you offered to her 40 Euros? | - Yes of course, sure. | - Uhm. And she? | - Nothing. | - Ok, let's unleash hell. Offer to her 60 Euros and go! And so I have contacted Sbrodolissima... that program where are aired the wrong scenes, you know... where the actors laugh. You have no idea how you get the hearts of the Italians with these bullshits! Do you know that your mania of protagonism is really unbearable, cuttlefish? But you're crazy. You're completely crazy. You are 2 crazy people!
René, Medical Dimension is a trap. It's a trap. They're cheating you. But you haven't understood, they fire me! I'm 30 years old, if I lose my job in this Italy, you understand that... my second daughter is about to be born. You send me on the street. Please. It has come out badly from the cage. Then in the corner it has taken a push by Tolomeo and in the finish line it hasn't run away. Arianna, it hasn't run away! I'm fed up, really, to work all on my own! Yes, all on my own because here I am in the middle of a lot of people but I feel the only one who really puts himself at stake, and yes, unfortunately it's so.
They are things that one carries with him for a lifetime, with which it's right to deal all the way. Stanis La Rochelle is in front of you and it's not a dream it's the reality. Sure this girl is so drugged, oh. I feel sorry for her. No, no no Sergio forget it, because all the friends that I have brought here have always been mistreated, they have not eaten and you have never paid them.
Listen, do we agree for 30 thousand Lire? Eh? No, because I for less than 30 thousand Lire I just don't even move.

S03E11 - Stopper

What has happened, on May 10, 1981? Was A.S. Roma thorny, maybe? Were the Secret Services involved, as said by several people? Eh, how it has really gone, Brio! Maybe it's time that this story to come out, I mean this truth, eh. - This story stinks to me. There must be something hidden. Do you know who they send in his place? Bio. Do you realize? Brio! | - Brio. No, the F.C. Juventus' footballer of many years ago. Brio! Show us your ability! In short René, we have the greatest footballer! Hold on tight, eh. There's Sergio Brio!
This fucking double helix of shit doesn't open. I've already told you, he's crazy! First he has disconnected the phones, then it seems he has really left. But on the other hand it were months that he was a bit strange, eh. He came and went obsessively from Chieti. Here they don't want to tell us for security reasons, they mislead us with Pirlo and Gattuso, but do you know who's coming? Captain Francesco Totti! But enough with this story, here in Rome you do nothing but talk about the goal of Turone for thirty years! That's enough!
- Have you seen however, eh, did you? He has made the facial expression. As if he meant "I know everything but I can not speak". | - Yes sure, he has made exactly that facial expression. - This story doesn't make sense. That Brio plays the Champions League fianl. It's already complicated that Juventus plays the final but that Brio plays the match it's just a foolishness. | - Why? | - And he will also be a good person but now it's twenty years that he doesn't play anymore. | - In what sense it's twenty years that he doesn't play anymore? | - He's more than fifty years, eh. Take these oranges and throw them and bring me some oranges normale, beatiful, solid, okay? The champion has to dribble with these oranges, with yours he makes the marmelade! I love the extras, the underclass of the show business, I love you all.
- Eh, but here now pay attention. Because if it's wo ee, then it means dribbling. But if it's woo eee, it means orange. | - And now tough shit. | - Oh well, I write both dribbling and orange, then we will decide, eh. It means that now you go and replace Gattuso with Brio and next year I replace you with someone else. The Network has no interest that Medical Dimension is a success. On the contrary! It has an interest that it goes bad! Medical Dimension was even born to go bad! I have recognized you right away, you know. How good you are! You're really a good person.
- But have you really prescribed some drugs to this mother? | - Excuse me so much, Arianna, but, be patient, eh. The lady had the exact same symptoms of the Albanian in the episode 3 of The eyes of the heart 2, eh, do you remeber hi, that then in the episode 7 he was much better? So I played safe, I don't... that then If I'm not weong we have also done the audience peak in those episodes, or not? My mother, was admitted to the emergency room and she is having a gastric lavage because this delinquent asshole has prescribed her the medicines without being a doctor. The meaning of the whole operation however is more complex, wider. To prove to all the entire Italian television sector, from Networks to producers, from journalists to advertising investors, that in Italy a different drama, today, not only is not possible, but it's not even desirable! Nobody wants a different drama! Ah, maybe there were doctors like you, you know. And for me you are the best of all.
In short René, we have the greatest player! Hold on tight, eh. There's Sergio Brio! Have you to go to school? Eh. To school... but what school? But what you care about school. Arturo. These are formative experiences. I know that... Gattuso is called... Ringo... Ringhio! Ringhio. Do you know that you're really my type? You remind me of my first husband. Ennio. He died of cirrosi, poor man. You don't know how much you remember him.
- I have understood everything. You are all nice. And the crazy doctor, the chief electrician with the fake child, the lady who has drunk the wine, the fake director, very good, now you with this story of drugs, beautiful story but enough, very good all. | - That is? | - That is. Do you want me to say that? Sergio Brio you're on Scherzi a Parte.

S03E12 - In the network

We were at the President's house and we had to twin products, bot created with the same intent, that is of being, sacrificed. The President, who is a person that has a sense of humor, has wanted to pull the coin. And we have pulled the coin. And it was up to them, to Dimension Six, to take that stake! And that's why, Ferretti, that today I can give you this great gift. Medical Dimension will not air. - Is it true that there is a beautiful atmosphere? | - Always with you master! Good Arianna, as always. Listen but... but why do you vote Berlusconi? Oh well come on, don't worry, you say it to me another time. It's the future, Ferretti.
- I've always wanted to compliment you for, how is called... Camorra. | - Gomorrah. | - Eh, good, Gomorrah, Gomorrah | - However Gomorrah is by Matteo Garrone. | - Ah! | - Garrone is the short one, he's also losing his hair. Only that yesterday I have done the second audition for a movie directed by Sorrentino, no. And he has chosen me. Only that I can not do it because... because I'm here. And he since yesterday is bombarding me with phone calss and I told him that I can not. What do I have to do? - That is, you're telling me that you don't do the movie directed by Sorrentino to stay here. | - So... | - I say, but you're also thinking about it, what the fuck! | - But. | - But the fault it's mine actually that I'm still hearing from you and I'm not leaving. This is our new friend Montecarlo that we have found in Lungotevere. Montecarlo is an absolute master of bon ton and he's especially an artist, now we show you.
Oh, Montecarlo but where you were gone, you have to stay with me, I let you discover the magical world of photography. - Do you know what's up? That anyway I broke my balls to do this job. | - But you know that is evident a little? For heaven's sake don't bring me wine because I throw your wine, okay? - Let's make the wall all yellow. | - Yellow? | - If there is no yellow, ocher. | - Ocher is much better, Paolo, you're great!
Big deal. It's a speech a bit long, devastating. - Montecarlo you're my best friend. Where do you live? | - Do you know where Garibaldi Bridge is? | - Garibaldi Bridge, nice area. But above or below? | - Below. But I don't know, something is wrong here. Because in my opinion, this, is not Federer. - Chief, can I have another coffee? | - It's already the third, man, it will not hurt you, right? | - And another croissant. | - Even that is the third, anyway you serve yourself.
- Lorenzo, let's do something that Montecarlo is getting bored, come on. | - Eh what can I suggest to you? | - Tell a story of yours of Matera, a funny thing. Maybe a story of extreme poverty in Lucania. Old story, all the Tv series at the beginning are different, then someone comes to write them and they irretrievably become some craps. - I have the honor to introduce you, Paolo Sorrentino, author of a movie for the cinema that is a splendid cross section of Italy. Amazing, amazing that scene with the little boys around the lake, do you remember that? TATATATAATATATA, eh. What was the name of this movie? | - Il Divo. | - Il Divo, exact. Have you shot it all in Scampia? | - Almost all. | - I have some friends in Scampia, eh.

S03E13 - Back to the future (first part)

- No it's that really the actors here don't earn anything, understood?<br />- And well, probably they can afford it. I now count only on myself, on my strengths, on my earnings. This is shit... old. They now want shit... new. The real bullshit has been done 5 months ago with this Medical Dimension. With the quality. The quality! Even just the word disgusts me. The quality. - I don't know, I find tits a little vulgar. | - It's because you're bourgeois.
- Share. How do you see the share? | - Well... bribe is under 5,000, part I think it's under 50,000... | - And share is over one milion. Definitely. What a world of shit, oh. But how have you done to endure this one for two years? I after a day wanted to take the machete in the car. - Yes, yes, I was told that you have made this courageous choice, eh. That you have become almost poor! | - Look, don't talk to about it. UFFF. Alone, with these 30 milion Euros. Also because nobody helps young people. Hey René, it's normal that it's not good. Let's make these Italians dream, no. Let's show tits for a while.
- Have you understood what has René said? That your photography sucks. I wanted to give you a chance but you have not been able to grab it because you have wanted to make a political photography, unaware of the fact that the walls have fallen! | - The walls? | - Now has come the time to open all! Biascica. Open all! Open all. I want the shit of the past! I'M THE KING OF THE SHIT! You're some beings of shit who live in the shit and together we can make a great classic! - No no no no, all this part still doesn't work, it's too intricate, it lacks roundness. We have to knead it better. | - René. René, this mixture better than that, it's difficult that results. Here as soon as you touch a scene, everything collapses. Yes gentlemen. You have understood correctly. Eyes of the heart 3! Because the quality has fucked with us!
- But didn't you have a garden? | - Sold. | - Yes, but you had the passion for the dogs, right? | - Sold, sold even that. I have to go. And in short, you have become a dialogist of Libeccio, eh. Good my boy! That's how it starts.  Put the wax, remove the wax. Put the wax, remove the wax. - But wait a moment, but is true this story that you're relying on quality? I worry, eh. | - No... listen I just tell you one thing: I need Corinna. - René, we stop on these things. | - Why do you stop, sorry? | - We stop. We go fishing the breams.
You have understood this stinky man, he pretended, he was not a real disabled person. Terrific, eh! Gentlemen! Stop. Today Luigi Pirandello would have turned 143 years old. Excuse me for a moment, let me see a little. But why don't you ever have a make-over? The nose, the lips, the tits? Have you a problem? Are you Catholic? Have you made a vow, a small sacrifice. Oh, this is work for me, eh. It's money. 3,000 Euros, not bad. I pay half the return journey.
- That is, I thought, that we could eventually make the wide path. | - That is? | - That is to make all the path, to pass just for insurance, understood? Let's set the theater on fire, René, and don't talk about it anymore! Oh, here I want a carriage, as Notting Hill style, understood? As London style! If I stayed here, it's because I want it, is this clear? René! But so is this story true? Will the movie of The eyes of the heart be made?
I'm the forest ranger, 2,000 Euros a month, 0 expenses and there's also a little house where you can go to think. - Well, first of all René, we wanted to tell you that we have nothing to do with this story of the trap that the Net ha prepared for you. | - We don't hide from you instead that we have laughed a lot. Ahahaha. It's... it's a terrible story. Glauco you're bad though, eh, you're really bad! What the fuck these millionaires. Look. They have the personal chef, the private jet and they arrive with a decayed Fiat Uno. Come on.
Let us do our work. You do your things no, go to scream at the extras or things like that. I want you, stop with the photography of this trendy asshole. Understood? I want your stuff, your stuff, superficial, have you understood? Your stuff of once. I want you open everything! I want you open all the light!

S03E14 - Back to the future (second part)

No, I say, you find yourself. Between communists. You have formed a couple. Where did you find yourself, inside a social centre? That then by the way the couples of communists, are also nice to me, they make me sympathy and tenderness. You know, a little rudes, hi darling, the polluted sea, the free beaches... - Excuse me, Sandra, what's this? I can not see. | - But... It's the ring of the Count. - Biascica. My uncle Fofò, has said that the jobs for the forest ranger in Abruzzo are 2. So there's opportunity even for you, if you want to come. | - Ah. Well, thank you. I would like it. In the forest. Nice. Only how can I do, to give up everything here in Rome. I've got the stadium. - Do you know what's the problem with this scene? | - What is? | - That we write it for free. | - I know.
But not the future of Medical Dimension, which was a big bullshit. I speak about madness, René. The madness! The craziness, what the fuck René, the... the cerveza, the tradition or shit, as you call it, but with a nice splash of madness. The worst conservatism that however is tinged with sympathy, with color, with sequins, in a word, Platinette! Work work work... of your ancestors! From now on the attitude is this, DOC. Work work work. - This is the free copy of the flagship product of the Network, Libeccio, the fifth season, by President Cane. | - Libeccio! But how many memories! The overtimes of April! The labor disputes! The quarrels with the CGIL! Thanks miss! What the fuck!
♫ God has given to me a gift, don't worry ♫ | ♫ I'm a great doctor, I will able to heal you ♫ | ♫ I can not see you well, but I love you ♫ | ♫ We are a family, now you come ♫ | ♫ Give me 3 words, Eyes of the heart ♫ | ♫ It's so you will found the love ♫ | ♫ It's a special clinic, out of the ordinary ♫ | ♫ Come here to get yourself treated | ♫ With its patients, even the less wealthy ♫ | ♫ We don't make business on health ♫ Sure sure, you have to undo because here from Monday an extraordinary fiction takes place. Beatiful. Luciano Moggi, an Italian hero. Every time I make a drama I think "This is the last one I do". Then after the shootings end, the set starts to miss me. You will not believe it, but I miss set so much. Just when I'm like this, René calls me. "Weeii. Arianna. It stars again". And I say: "Ok, all right, but, I make this one and then it's enough." Now it's really enough though. - Those look at only one thing: running time. | - And certainly! | - If it lasts less than 52 minutes is sucks, they don't even watch it.
- Do you know that you have a big problem, Cristina? | - I? | - Uhm uhm. | - Which? | - That you never mind your own business. Because listen, Eyes of the heart is like the Colosseum. Old, decrepit, the pigeons defecate on it, but it's always there, and everybody look at it. Eyes of the heart will exist as long as it will exist a country called Italy! - Every 50 minutes bring us 3 coffees. | - But all night long? | - All night long. Put the wax, make the coffees. Remove the wax, and bring us the coffees.
I will operate. I will still operate. I will operate... with the Eyes of the heart... 3! Because now that you have learned the technique you're inside a mechanism, a mechanism that is full of money, of different dramas that however are all the same. - Listen René. But a series like "Those of the State Forestry Corp" set here, how do you see it? | - I don't know. This place doesn't seem so stimulating to me. What a bore. This is Italy of the future. A country of jingles while outside there's the death.
I've been working with René Ferretti for many years. And every year it seems that sink him but René Ferretti never sings. He resurrects. Like Christ crucified. You've never heard of Democratic Script.. - It's that I was passing by here and I said myself "But let's go to see how is the old René Ferretti" and then this place puts lead in my pencil, Lopez. | - Did you come dressed as policewoman? We are the only drama in the world that the day that is suspended it spends more than all the others days, eh!
And I'm sorry, because Ferretti, has undestood a thing. That the television in Italy has to give surely that meaning, which is a bit unreal, of tradition but has to give also something more. A craziness, a colour, and let's say also, a madness. That stuff to be clear of which my daughter Lucrezia is crazy. And Ferretti has understood it. And it's so, that the tradition is saved!

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