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Boris - Season 3: Curiosity

» In the episode S03E01 - Another television is possible (first part), René presents to Alessandro his lucky fishes and the sets on which they were present: Chang on the set of "La bambina e il capitano", McEnroe on the set of "Caprera", sister Williams on the set of "Assassini 1" and "Assassini 2". The other 2 fishes are Boris (on the set of Gli occhi del cuore) and Federer (on the set of Machiavelli). All the fishes of René have the surname of tennis players: Michael Chang, John Patrick McEnroe, Serena Williams, Venus Williams, Boris Becker and Roger Federer.

» In the episode S03E01 - Another television is possible (first part), the concurrent network, based in Cologno Monzese, for which René goes to work is a reference to Mediaset.

» In the episode S03E01 - Another television is possible (first part), the 7 million viewers refer to the ratings of Gli occhi del cuore, the previous fiction that René had decided to leave.

» In the episode S03E04 - The clip, when Alessandro says "Mr. Obamaa, Mr. Obamaa", wants to quote a sentence by Silvio Berlusconi that at the G20 in London (April 02, 2009), after the customary photography, calls aloud the president of the USA Barack Obama, getting himself so scolded by the Queen of the United Kingdom Elizabeth II.

» In the episode S03E05 - The importance of pleasing the notaries, Stanis at the beginning of the episode quotes the Telefunken. The Telefunken is a famous German manufacturer producing electronics (TV, radio) that, among the other things, has invented the PAL system.

» In the episode S03E07 - As Durok, the Fiction Fest obviously refers to the Rome Fiction Fest, the important fiction and TV festival held in Rome.

» In the episode S03E07 - As Durok, the Raccordo quoted by Itala during the call on the phone refers to the GRA (Grande Raccordo Anulare) of Rome.

» In the episode S03E08 - Happy feast of Thanks, the Festa del Grazie (which is celebrated in May) is a reference to the Thanksgiving. During the episode, the Festa del Grazie becomes the Republic Day (which is celebrated on June 2).

» In the episode S03E09 - Smell of masterpiece, Sistina and Argentina, quoted by Stanis, are 2 theaters of Rome.

» In the episode S03E10 - The epiphany, Sbrodolissima, quoted by Diego Lopez, refers to the famous transmission Paperissima broadcast on Canale 5.

» In the episode S03E11 - Stopper, refers to the episode of the canceled goal to Turone, player of A.S. Roma, during a match against F.C. Juventus. That episode is still today subject of heated discussions among football fans.

» In the episode S03E11 - Stopper, Scherzi a parte, quoted Sergio Brio, is the famous transmission of Canale 5 in which the vips are victims of jokes.

» In the episode S03E13 - Back to the future (first part), "Wax on, wax off", the sentence pronounced by one of the screenwriters to Alessandro, è is taken from Karate Kid.

» In the episode S03E14 - Back to the future (second part), the locura (madness), that is the scene sung by Stanis, Karin and Cristina, is based on the song 3 parole (3 words) by Valeria Rossi.

» In the episode S03E14 - Back to the future (second part), in the final scenes of the episode, when Duccio and René are on the jeep inside the natural reserve of Abruzzo, the director of photography sings the song Quest'amore che ho (This love I have) by Tony Canto.

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