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Boris - Season 2: Meme

S02E01 - My africa (first part)

So we don't do the herd all together as usual. Or alone, or at most in pairs. All right? Everyone with something to do. A place to go. Listen my boy. So you can do this work only in 2 ways. The first one is with the fixation of the unions, with the fear of getting hurt, with the desire always to finish, to go home, the second one is instead with the passion? Did you understand? The passion for this job. Even dead, but with passion. Open the light, open the light, Biascica, open all the light. Hey! Hey shit! Connect that cable.
Oh, bitch until the end this one, just bitch up to the last, really! Let's applaud Corinna! Come on that's the last day of Corinna! And now what the fuck do we invent? We have to eliminate Corinna and let the cousin enter the scene. Sorry René, sorry, I have the character of Mother Teresa inside, eh, sorry sorry sorry.
Oh let it be clear: I, in prison, I don't come back! No no no, René. I don't die. I disappear in the river, remember that, I can go back whenever I want. A day will come that my agent/people will rebel against all this. Your way of doing, your mentality. So now you stretch for 5 minutes, I go to get a nice glass of water and a scarf for the neck and everything passes you, understood? Because the important thing is to have the neck always warm..
- Take this tiger. Give me 700 euros. It's a wreck. It has an emphysema. | - What the fuck do I do with the tiger? Am I shooting a safari? Poverty, poverty, but how much this poverty costs us, René. He takes the money with the insurance, what fucking lucky! When I look at the Ngube river, I see Pomezia! Do you understand that I have a problem or not?
Yes I will miss you so much Corinna. I will miss everything about you. Apart from the professionalism, the talent, but I will miss ... what I will miss most in my opinion... is friendship! Duccio! Hey, Duccio! Listen, but check out this light is little African in my opinion. You have to promise me René that you finish to shoot all this damned Africa by tonight. - Since I am preparing this character, I'm thinking a lot and then I wanted to know if you're... are you a believer? | - Well, let's say that I'm following my pathos, understood, but I'm doing it very quickly, you know, very very very quickly.
Who the fuck is! What the fuck are you doing? You entered the field, dickhead! Kick that piece of shit away! You're an asshole, you have ruined everything! You entered the field, holy shit! Go away, I don't want to see you again, understood? Dickhead, shithead, fuck you! I'm leaving, bye! For example: she, was called Teresa, but, she was not Italian! No, I'm not calm. I'm not calm. I'm passionate! - Your slave broke. | - How broke? | - He did boom.
But please René finish to shoot everything by tonight. Because all this Africa here is a whole pain, ok?

S02E02 - My africa (second part)

Do you know what your problem is Alessandro? It's that still nobody has never really beated you, understood? During lunch hers father asks her: My Love, do you want Pirelli? And she answers him: No dad, I don't want it, what a nuisance. She says what a nuisance, have you understood? You must be silent. Low profile, tight butts and hope in God! Yes, but I had come this morning. Only that someone has told me to go away and I left.
See, I have done so many mistakes in my life. But I have expiated them all by working with Corinna. You're my stuff. I wanted you, I chose you, you don't go anywhere! You don't go anywhere. Hey dude, I will be the new Ferilli in 6 monts! Got it? Free the creature, I need to look it in the eyes. I don't feel ... is it Italian?
What the fuck! What are you doing, do you throw the money? Hurry up! Listen, but doesn't an Young Padre Pio start so we get rid of him too, eh? If you tell me that he doesn't want to dribble, we accept it. But you don't tell me that he can not play football because I really get pissed. I forced to write on the contract of Mother Teresa: no nude scene. Do you know how have they reacted? Quiet, they haven't bat an eye, just knelt.
Because this one will also be the daughter of Mazinga, but we, we are professionals! You had told me to remind you that today is Benigni's birthday. And that's exactly what I have understood today, that we're all equal. That the only colors that count are those of the nature. And that there is a unique, great word that unites us all. And that word is, love. Happy birthday, master.
Typical bitch face.

S02E03 - Who will be saved?

And so I clearly pulled over, right? I pulled over, we chose a pitch. It's a challenge! You are challenging me. And I can not keep up with you. You are 10 years ahead. Yes, I accept the challenge! - Blessed Frediani is a role for a first-rate actor! You are a second-rate actor! | - And who plays it? | - A first-rate actor! | - Who. | - Frizzi. | - Who? | - Fabrizio Frizzi. All in all here you are asked 3-4 faces: astonished, worried, carefree and intense, which is the most difficult one.
Woof woof emitted the dog, meow meow emitted the cat. And together, they got on the ark. Please Lord, let me play in Father Frediani. Give me that role and I will not urinate more. For a week. - You always have to sa... look me in face... you always have to say I beg you. | - I beg you. | - I beg you and then you ask for what you want. - But it's incredible! But you are identical to Doc. | - And who is he? | - Doc! The mad scientist of Back to the Future! Doc.
The values are all out of the norm, Count. But if I have to be honest, it's the bilirubin that worries me. Have you seen how he walked while he was talking on the phone? He was guilt-ridden. Have you noticed it? - The third one will now be born. | - How do you call him? | - Francesco Totti. | - Francesco Totti all attached? | - No. Detached. Francesco Totti Biascica. As... Orso Maria Guerini. - I was on the Rome-L'Aquila highway, I drove, I was alone in the car, at some point I turn around and do you know who was next to me? | - No, who was there? | - Jesus. | - Chi? | - Jesus Christ.
The eyes of the heart has a big problem and it's... the make-up! - Do you want me to show you the set? | - No no, I want to go to my dressing room. I am sleepy. He could go to the shepherds. Why? He could go to a sheperd, it's full of sheperds. The southern Lazio is all a shepherd out of sight. Here we are two and it seems to me that the only one, between the two of us, who is making an effort to avoid that I beat you it's always me, the same person who then, sooner or later, will beat you!
Fire, the experience of fire, oh well, I recommend it. Are you surprised, eh? You no longer have that attitude I feel powerful. Look, if I had started making sense of the lines of The eyes of the heart I would have become crazy. Do you understand? That is you found me right in Campo De Fiori, barefoot, with the guitar. I don't go away from here. I only say a name, Sergio: Romanelli. Do you like it?
So I tell you in another way. If the President is not happy with the team, or he asks the coach to change something or he changes the coach. But in what sense does it mean, René? It means that this set is armored. It seems to me Alcatraz, it seems to me! Everyone is protected by, by board members, by senators, by members of the Constitutional Court! Even by a Knight of Malta! He doesn't tell you: We will let you kwnow. Eh? Now the arrogance of the man makes the Network, the man. In the Old and New Testament you will never find these words: We will let you know. Why don't you find them? Because they aren't his words.

S02E04 - The disguise is unmasked

Of course! In the end, I've been hers patient for 12 years. Look, it's a panacea. That is, sometimes I still want to cry but on the other hand I don't give a fuck! Now I'll send you the number with a text message. Biascica, listen to me. Close yourself as a hedgehog. Don't read anything anymore. Adn everything passes to you. More thighs, Lopez! More thighs are needed! The truth is that only friendships, protections count here. It's a world of shit, Arianna.
Come on! Sergio! But relax, come on! Enjoy the life that is so beatiful. I work with the greatest Italian playwright! Who would have ever said it! Be careful because I'll have you lying on the ground. Did you understand? I'll shoot your legs. It says: get checked, talk to someone. I just don't speak with anyone, I mind my own business!
It's my job, René. I never lose sight of you. And you did not give me any wink. Comunque senti, io trovo molto coraggioso da parte della Rete aver scelto te per il ruolo del Commissario, anziché prendere il solito calabrese co' i baffi. Now it's not because I'm a policewoman I can not be hot. Am I right? It's true, it's a difficult world, there are many misunderstandings, many fights, many things. And ok, I know that. But everything ends at the end of the day! Oh, let's not forget that it's and it will always remain a shitty drama!
I stopped reading. I don't read anything anymore. But nothing, eh. Books, newspapers, magazines. He made me read one of his books and I thought, I swear to you: this one either is a genius or a jerk. Hey shit! Come on! Get on this ladder! Close this 5000! As I taught you, come on! Know that you're quite gentrifying, eh. Is it because you have a whore?
In reality it's very rare for a person to talk with a picture. Everything is a little fake. Even if you look at the picture is very strong of its own. No, you're right, it's not all a crap. You're a friend! René, you're a piece of shit, do you understand? You, you have to do soon however, you have to find a good political protection.
Tino is like Galileo Galilei. That is a man with a singular name and a plural surname. TEveryone told me that I would work with the old Ferretti, the old Ferretti here, the old Ferretti there and instead old even for nothing. You are still a vigorous man, eh. I want to go to work in a place where politics has nothing to do with it, where everything doesn't depend on power and money!

S02E05 - Martellone affair

Damn it to you, 4000 euros a week to write this shit! Guardians, let's open the doors of the golden water closet, for Nando Martellone! You're fucked, you're really fucked. It's like, like a protest. Like... like the April overtimes!
No, with... with my father I had a bad relationship. Because when he spoke, no, he was rude, violent! He said to you: come here, shit! - Once you get hers attention, you tell her a scornful acid comment, a SAC. | - What is it? | - Scheduled acid comment. - Hey listen, by the way, this your reality, how is it? | - Amazing. Ten famous people inside a house without a water closet. Ghghghghgh good good evening! And hear this. Prrrr. Eheh it makes you laugh.
I can not wish evil for this man, he's too nice! FUCK YOU! The comic notary of you bastards! Every second here corresponds to 3 seconds out. Time never passes here, pay attention to it. But you'll see that everything deflates, Nando. People in this country, forget.
Stanis, I get more or less 200 approaches a year and I have to say that yours is absolutely the worst. Arianna, I want to be optimistic. I want to fight. Because something bad happened to me, Arianna. But I want to get out of it stronger than before! ♫♫ Don't push the button, The house without a bathroom, will be back soon, it's not just a game! ♫♫ Death is better. Die and the fear passes.
- We only remember the week of lasagna. | - Or the double coffee. - Then it's difficult, it's written strange because that is before there's where the characters are, then after the characters start talking and then I struggle to follow. Can not it be changed? | - No, no, just the scripts are written like that. That is, first the caption with the actions and then the dialogues. It's been like that for a while. It's like that already for a while. We don't have this kind of prejudices, we do not care about these things. Rule number 1. Pretend nothing. Passivity, indifference.
Rule number 2. We need to make contact with the girl, talk to her. But never coming from behind, nor from the front, but from the side, cuttlefish. Martellone was interrogated this morning, he was immediately released by the investigators but he remains investigated for possession and drugs dealing. I risked losing 80 million euros, then, in the end, I only lost 10, so. You are too funny Martellone. That is you're retrosexual and go away, but you're extremely funny. Great.
The facial expressions! It needs the facial expressions! We're from drama. We are working. And nothing, I wanted to express to you all my solidarity for this affair of the whores. Here's who you are! Here's who you remembered to me. You are magician Ciccio!
I go into a coma! FUCKING LUCKY! Fucking lucky was a crearly left performance, no? Instead this time I would like to do something a little more traditional, more conservative. I would like to call it... And so what! What do you think about it?

S02E06 - No logo

In my opinion you should think for a moment about this last year of life, eh? Then beyond how it ends up between us. Oh! It's important however that you don't say bullshits, otherwise eh... It's the recap. That is, in the television series cyclically it needs to explain what has happened, the plot, is done especially for the olds, Cristina. They just phoned from the Network and the breakfast scene has been cut off. They found it disrespectful.
I can eat without showing what I eat and I can drink without showing what I drink, all right? The school of Marcel Marceau on the curriculum is not there by chance. What is happening here today, it would never have happened, abroad, where I work. Because there is a seriousness, a precision, a sense... holy shit, ethical, of the work, which here is totally lost! But you know it, my dear Sofia, that this plunger corkscrew here, in Italy, it's made only in Livorno. Here fewer questions you do and the more you have a lucky escape.
- Why are you here? Do you want to steal my job? | - But you're crazy, your job makes me sick. I do like the Americans, all right? I don't play it, I don't play it! Yes, now I tell you something. Don't forget it, eh, it's an important thing. You never have to touch me. Never. Never. Especially today no phone calls that is a time that you are distracted and it's not good at all.
Oh lady! How are you? Eh eh! When will you wash your hair, eh? What makes Italy great are the contaminations. Today since you are here, I play with American style, for you. - Can you ride a kick scooter, yes? | - I learn, Glauco.
I took the first plane. You're an asshole. Asshole, asshole. - We are a bit in crisis. | - It's the whole Italy that is in crisis, damn to misery! Alessandro, but you have become a kind of soldier. Do you realize it? After an operation so long, he should do I don't know, an action... self-referenced.
- Have you fucked? | - No! | - Have you kissed? | - Yes.

S02E07 - Death to the count

And come on a coup... hey, Sergio... don't look at me with that face, eh, between us there must be a fair relationship. Do ut des (I give that you might give). That is I give, you give. A fair and solitary relationship. Don't you pay me? At least let me swear. The black Pope has arrived! Today it doesn't shoot! Humanity has finished shooting! I don't remember anything. And everything is a fog. A big fog. Nothing. AHHHH. AHHHH. Nothing. Oh René and you know better than me that when the Italian hears the tinkling of the handcuffs he thinks about sex. It's normal! And come on!
♫ As long as I will have breath, as long as you will want ♫ | ♫ I will not be afraid, if you are with me ♫ | ♫ I pray you stay with me ♫ | ♫ I believe in you Lord, born of Mary ♫ | ♫ Eternal and holy son, a man like us (JUST like) ♫ | ♫ Dead for love, alive among us (Among) ♫ | ♫ One thing with the father... ♫ | - Mariano. | ♫ And with yours ♫ | ♫ Until I know it ♫ | - Mariano. | ♫ You will return (Eventually) ♫ | ♫ To open to us the kingdom of... God # And remember that it's with the free replacements, made at the right time, that Italy has become a great country. I do it! I do it. Thanks Sergio. You don't know how long I was waiting for this moment. Last year, when I destroyed, I smashed, I did it badly and in fact I had lost the pleasure of destroying, the pleasure of fire, of gasoline, I had lost everything. Now I do it, for an ideal. I'm not alone anymore, I do it for someone who is above me.
I have been evicted. I'm looking for an alternative accommodation. You continue to work like a crazy one that then in life you never know, eh. Do not say anything else. From tonight you sleep from me. From now on on this set, you can no longer curse.
It's not possible that every day you have a personal problem. - But René, this character of the bitch, I don't... | - But it's not a bitch. | - It's a bitch. | - No! | - It's a bitch. | - It's a policewoman. | - Bitch policewoman. | - No. It seems... ma it's not. | - Poliziotta until 8 pm, then finish and makes the bitch. | - Yes. But look, I feel it, that we can become the best friends. It always happens like this. I arrive on the set, I quarrel with the worst bitch and eventually becomes my best friend. But I would like to know one thing. When everything that I do for others will be returned to me.
Listen, I... I feel as character, I please to death this count, physically, but I don't know, here I would see Sandra a little less bitch, what do you say? Last night I read it and reread this scene and basically the meaning is always the same, that is, this is a scene clearly, erotic! Go on. Always in C minor. Don't raise. Don't raise a third. You tell me that I have stole it, yes I stole it but Jesus Christ has already forgiven me for this and you don't forgive me?
But did you notice how much I've changed compared to last year? I think it can be seen. Yet I know that you have capacities, I have understood it. And I want to give you a chance.

S02E08 - The sky above Stanis

Ok, but friends as before, come on, don't worry, eh. - Eh, sorry? Where is my dressing room? Oops! Sorry. | - No, it's the other theater. | - Ah, the other one... Thanks. Guardddd! Guardddd! Hello Wim, it's Stanis. I'm not really not happy that you don't came because, because you've been a little bit Italian today, if I... I'm sorry to tell you, this, but, but it's true. So, what do you want to... me to tell? Ok. Say goodbye to your wife, your children, bye bye.
When we are ready, you call me. I sit there reading. And if you allow me, my friendships, I manage them by myself. No, Stanis, the scenes of The eyes of the heart are all devastating. Listen, I was thinking, no, but why we don't retire, I don't know, to the dressing rooms, in the bathroom, in a strange place as you like, eh?
Running time needs to be done. I am no longer a slave, you realize, I am no longer a slave! Do you realize how many verbs have you used? - Listen a little, but... how much have you thought in the trailer? | So much.
- Where is Duccio? | - He's in a camper, he doesn't want to be bothered, he's thinking. Thank you for being so not Italian. René you're gentrifying, I don't recognize you anymore. You are a prick. Yes, a prick.
- Stanis, to cry, do you want a little menthol in your eyes? | - Menthol? But... how this one allows to tell me if I want the menthol to cry.

S02E09 - Mazinga's daughter

And then you make the direction. Take a nice camera and go for fields, you shoot, I don't know, those things... social... those Communist things as you like. - Who is Mazinga? | - Mazinga... is a hero... positive. A hero. She's a little bitch who does what she wants, who comes when she wants. Listen, when someone ask you if you need time, you have always to say yes to him.
René, I recommend, with that shoot everything you can, because we don't know when she will come back again, eh. You see that German makes this effect... it makes you laugh a little. No nothing, I'm not angry with you, Stanis, I'm angry with the screenwriters. This is a scene of shit! - But you never let you go? | - Let's say it's not my specialty.
Arianna is over. Have given me Machiavelli! - It doesn't come out, it doesn't come out! For Goodness' sake. Because... no, no! | - Put... | - But what should I put? | - Put 5 of spades under 6. | - It's the only one. Why don't you try, so, when it happens to you, in everyday life, why don't you try to say what you really think? This is the daughter of Mazinga and this is a country where names count.
The rumor has already spread, understood, jackals! Listen, when someone asks you if you need time, you always have to say yes. Good morning! I'm Doctor Zingler, a great friend of Doctor Giorgio. I'm trying to make some experiences, some... so, but... also making the slave.
You must stay calm, my friend. You're too nervous. Eat better, enjoy your life, go to steal, do something. In my opinion here you are the coolest of them all. I mean as a person.

S02E10 - An headshot

But look that it's enough you shoot something that is incomprehensible, then the editor takes care of editing it. We must fight, scene after scene, day after day, please, don't give up! But, you don't understand that it's all false, it's all fake. No, I wanted to tell you,'s part of professionalism, to make your own business.
Have you finished preaching to me, René? My dear, I have heart that you have been beaten! I'm so sorry, you don't know how much I'm sorry. René excuse me, but the fires were perfect! - And I found out who has been to beat you the other day, these bastards. But do you know who has been? | - Who? | - The Romanians.
Sergio, the fishing is so. For weeks you don't caught anything, one night, God rewards you, with these kilograms of breams. Alessandro, things in life must be taken on the fly. You have to bite this life. So I know you're a mandrill that you like having sex in strange places. You make me blood, you know, yes?
It's not a problem to cry. It's just that the scene is ugly. And today I'm not in the mood to do bad things. Cancel the baskets. Let's organize a day dedicated to health. And to beam. It can happen that two are not attracted. It can happen. I quit this drama, Arianna, eh! And since I know how these things work, you will regrete me, eh, because you will be forced to catch the first Castellitto that passes and they will be pains for everyone, do you understand?
Here it's, another shitty scene of shitty kisses! I feel a smell of masterpiece, even of fish, but especially of masterpiece! - I felt that you were innocent. | - And instead you're wrong. I'm guilty. I'm guilty... of loving you. Do I need to tell you? This guy is a trunk!

S02E11 - Italy that works

From that matter I have been full ACQUITTED. Of course I can bill, but you offend me, that you think I'm unwary. Oh well, if slaps fly mean that this is a cheerful set, it's a fun set, where it really laughs. If you give me the opportunity to audition for Blessed Frediani, you and I will continue to collaborate. Otherwise, we will meet again in heaven.
What a shit consultation! I have thought, who knows if the Father who is so friendly, would give us an advice on the family. Detur mei nihil. Malum est, tetrum profluvium, litor fruor, fungor potior, ego sum pro habeo! Spend, spend, free your imagination, free your creativity, dream, let yourself go, René, but above all, let me invoice!
They are the overtimes of April! - Listen but, the Count, after all, is also good? | - No, the Count is a shit. I love the proletariat and I want to prove it to you right now by finding you one of your own level. I have never celebrated mass in my life and I don't want to start. Is it clear? It's the only day I have to stay with my son.
But what faith has to do with it, but leave faith alone, faith is another thing, faith is Champions League, we're playing the Championship, it's another thing, do you understand it? - This Father that you have next, is very tied to certain environments of the Camorra. | - Yes, but unfortunately few. | - And he shoots. | - Yes, only two shoot, others don't shoot. Is that I have realized to have wrong everything in my life. And Machiavelli has been... the detonator! Barren love, is at the origin of these careers. The fornication, heavy, the misrepresentation of the senses. They are all careers that arise in certain small hotels, 2-star, near the station, moments of squalor that become work.
Blessed Frediani will be played by Frizzi. And if Frizzi will not play it, there's already ready Amadeus as substitute. But what is a stock package? Is it physically a package or not? And then when you improvise you revel in something, my goodness. Those are the minutes of the board of directors of Villa Orchidea. It's all written in there, black on white, dear Conte.
Have you seen Father? No you see him like that, he looks like a finished man but this is one that beats, this is a strong one. HELLO, LADY! I'M HEALED! THE PROBLEM WASN'T MY FATHER, WASN'T MY MOTHER, THEY WERE THE OVERTIMES OF APRIL, LADY! I AM HEALED, LADY! I'M HEALED! Make a brave choice. Let's finish 2 hours before. I pissed off. When 3 years ago they offered me this role, they have told me: This Count is a character that changes, you'll see that it's bad but then it becomes good, this Count transforms itself, this Count is a symphony, this Count this, and instead this Count this shit! Can I say it, Father, this shit?
Melon! A melon juice. You, you have to find for yourself one of your level, a maid. You have to look for Tarzanetto. Go. Go where also the the boy has gone.

S02E12 - Use the force, Ferretti

We have done only one scene, but you don't know what scene. A golden nugget, a 40 seconds masterpiece that you can send to a Festival! It's coffee break gentlemen! Tarzanetto, I know Tarzanetto. Ettore Fabiani, was called Tarzanetto because he went from one project to another one like on lianas. The drama is like that. It must be done and contextually forgotten.
But fuck you, the palaces, the dwarf buildings, the butlers, the dogs, the gardens and the soul of your ancestors, this psychopathic! The passion you put in it's incredible! I like a lot more to do the director of photography. Indoor/outdoor, open/closed, then open all the light and take home the scenes. We're under elections, there's great tension Ferretti. Don't you feel the tension?
For example watching me act I have realized that I no longer want to be an actress. Come René, I offer you a nice sambuca right now. You have to do things and you have to forget them. In the evening you go out, don't stay in front of the television. A beautiful sambuca is always found, you continue.
Use the force, Ferretti.

S02E13 - The deaf mute, the senator and the balances of the country (first part)

I am so true on stage that I carry with me this kind of halo of credibility that sucks you inside. It's a great screenplay, a great story, a great theme, a great historical canvas but... it will NEVER be done! I think that, each of us, can and must contribute to the strength of the team. That is I think that, that the whole is more important than the sum of the parts. We all want Cristina to be happy. But the girl, is very loved by the public. And in this country, love, commands. I can not stop love.
If I continue to make this rubbish for another 10 months, I get sick! I have studied by Marcel Marceau in Patis, a very simple technique. I can run, standing still. I don't vote, Itala. Because politics is like the drama, I live it as a protagonist. Okay, Arianna, we solve it, don't worry, we solve it.
And here we understand why have entrusted you Machiavelli. You've never been able to read the political temperature! Duccio, this time you've made a light to fucking dog true, right, eh, what have you done, have you opened everything? Eh Doctor, we get some sheets that we have to shoot, art has not more to do with it. - I have not called him. | - Why haven't you called him? | - I haven't called him, fuck, I forgot.
- Duccio. I have prepared a giant blow. | - Come on, don't you know that I have quit? I thought about it. You put me in trouble. Because you... you are not indifferent to me. Look that here another electoral draw is expected, and it would be very serious! If you don't know who to vote on Sunday, this is a good person.
You go into the cabin with your phone, take a picture of the card, send him the text message with the photo, so he has the number and he remembers you. Political polls have taken yet another patch. Here the data that seemed certain until a few days ago could overturn. I asked you to go fuck you, I asked you for months! René, I'm sorry a lot for the other day. Does it still hurt?
Listen, I... I hurt you now, not to hurt you much more later. Do you understand? Because I believe that, our story, in short, can not go on, in short, I think we should do both, a step back, yes. ♫ Will to dramatise, jump on me. And you structure, which I now can not. ♫

S02E14 - The deaf mute, the senator and the balances of the country (second part)

Desdemona. Take my poop! It has been this shit. Yes, I swear, this shit! - No, I say, who has shot the Count? | - We expect the exit polls. The exit polls. No, the situation is clear. Beyond a substantial draw for which I believe we will go towards an institutional government, a Montezemolo government seems.
The draw, cancels all the parameters. The draw is the turning point. The draw is life! But the draw, the draw flips the situation. You in there are considered the beast, the bison. The draw's mammoth! In my opinion you converse, you converse and then in the end you don't combine anything serious. I'm a concret person, baby. You are petty René. I talk to you about feelings and you talk to me about work.
In this country, for anything, you have to give it. The Magistrature, there you can attack it safely. The argument is extraordinarily bipartizan. There is a slight appreciation for the League, which it would be crazy not to take into account. Am I right? - But because you have not understand what is the core of the problem. | - Which is? | - You have to give it.
I don't make the Bifidus testimonial. Ah, Romanelli is really a powerful man! You have not understood that he decided everything. He decides everything. Only him. I think things can be done differently. If I ever come back to do this job, I will do it with a conviction... that another television is possible.
I knew that after all you too you were a beautiful baboon. - Do you want me to ask uncle Fofò for help? | - No, but what uncle Fofò! And then he's in Sicily.

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Boris - The Italian off series Season 01 Boris 2 Boris 3 Boris The movie (DVD) Gianluca Cherubini e Marco Ercole - Siamo tutti Boris. Un libro scritto a cazzo di cane

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