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Boris - Season 2: Curiosity

» In the episode S02E01 - My africa (first part), the opening scene of the episode, the one in which Alessandro is on the ground, is a quote from the first episode of the first season of the TV series Lost. In Lost, Jack finds himself in the middle of the jungle, lied down, in a confused and disoriented state. Even Alessandro is lied on the ground in a confused state (due to the electric shock).The quote can be seen from 2 elements: the close up of the eye and the shot to the right where there's an animal. In Lost there's a dog, in Boris there's the tiger Bamba.


Boris - S02E01 - Quote 01 Boris - S02E01 - Quote 02 Boris - S02E01 - Quote 03 Boris - S02E01 - Quote 04


Lost - S01E01 - Reference 01 Lost - S01E01 - Reference 02 Lost - S01E01 - Reference 03 Lost - S01E01 - Reference 04

» In the episode S02E01 - My africa (first part), one of the extras on the set of Boris wears the shirt of the Italian national football team's goalkeeper Gigi Buffon used during the Fifa World Cup Germany .

Buffon shirt

» In the episode S02E01 - My africa (first part), Corinna's arrival on the set has some similarities with a scene from the movie Titanic, that is the arrival of Rose DeWitt Bukater (Kate Winslet) at the port of Southampton before boarding the Titanic. Below the 2 scenes compared. It's possible to see the similarities from some details: the classic car (Rolls Royce in Titanic, Lincoln Continental of in Boris), the framing of the hats (in both there is a bow) and the look of the 2 actresses.


Boris - 2x01 - Quote 05 Boris - 2x01 - Quote 06 Boris - 2x01 - Quote 07 Boris - 2x01 - Quote 08


Titanic - 1x01 - Riferimento 01 Titanic - 1x01 - Reference 02 Titanic - 1x01 - Reference 03 Titanic - 1x01 - Reference 04

» In the episode S02E12 - Use the force, Ferretti, is possible to notice some quotes to the tv series 24, that is the use of split screens in which the different characters are displayed and the time in digital format yellow at the center of the screen.

Quote to the tv series 24 - 01 Quote to the tv series 24 - 02 Quote to the tv series 24 - 03

» In the episode S02E12 - Use the force, Ferretti, the background music at the beginning of the dinner between Stanis and Arianna is titled Menuet, from String Quintet No. 5 in E. and was composed by Luigi Rodolfo Boccherini.

» In the episode S02E12 - Use the force, Ferretti, while René was going away, Tarzanetto says the sentence: "Use the force, Ferretti". This sentence is a tribute to Star Wars and to the sentence "May the Force be with you, Luke".

» In the episode S02E13 - The deaf mute, the senator and the balances of the country (first part), the song at the beginning of the episode is titled Isn't it a lovely day and is interpreted by Terry Day. The song is a cover of the homonymous song by Irving Berlin.

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