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Boris - Season 1: Curiosity

Last update:

» In the episode S01E01 - My first day, the goldfish luck of René is called Boris and is a clear homage to Boris Becker, the famous German tennis player. The lucky charms of René have always been little goldfishes and in the episodes following the first one are revealed the names of the other lucky fishes that the director had in the past.

» In the episode S01E01 - My first day, Antonio Dipollina mentioned in the episode is really a journalist of the newspaper "La Repubblica".

» In the episode S01E06 - As Lars von Trier, the title of the episode wants to pay homage Lars von Trier, Danish director and screenwriter.

» In the episode S01E11 - Exit strategy, the text of the short film "The red ant" is taken from the poem "Another poem of the gifts" by Jorge Luis Borges.

» In the episode S01E11 - Exit strategy, the short film "The red ant" is dedicated to the tennis player Arthur Ashe, died of AIDS in .

Random meme


- Eh, but his uncle has been elected Senator. | - Eh, the politics creates a lot of injustices.

- Do you know that you have a big problem, Cristina? | - I? | - Uhm uhm. | - Which? | - That you never mind your own business.

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